Welcome to the Australian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong (previously known as the Aust-China Qigong Academy and located in Patterson Road, Bentleigh). The college was established in 1992 by Qigong master and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Master Louis Chun Jie Liu.

The college provides a modern Chinese Medicine clinic and a large studio for Qigong classes and seminars. The clinic is open to the public and offers specialized diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and Qigong therapy.

This center provides professional, comprehensive and in-depth Qigong training of the highest standard for beginners, advanced, and master-level students, delivered via weekend workshops, short courses and private tuition. Students can also undertake medical Qigong training, which includes clinical experience.

Master Liu has practiced Qigong since 1981, and performed his training under the direction of several prominent and famous Qigong masters in China. Owing to his experience, ability and recognition, he is a highly regarded Qigong master, and is officially recognized by the International Qigong Association. Master Liu has been a qualified Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner for over 20 years, treating patients with acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tui Na/massage, and Qigong healing. He is registered with the Chinese Medical Board of Victoria.