Training, Background & Qualifications

Master Liu was strongly influenced by his maternal family background in which there was a strong tradition of Gong Fu (Kungfu) and Qigong. As a child, Master Liu accompanied his uncle when he required treatment for a severe injury, and thus had the opportunity to meet a lot of Yi Ren (special masters) who excelled in Qigong, herbal medicine and acupuncture, including a great-uncle who was a TCM master.

Throughout the 1980’s, Master Liu trained under several high-level Qigong masters while also studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. At this time, he also acquired a degree in electronic engineering.

In 1986 Master Liu studied with Doctor Wang Ning Sheng, a Chief Doctor and highly skilled specialist involved in passing on traditional knowledge to new generations. This involved further study of in-depth traditional types of therapy.

Afterwards, Master Liu was appointed to work in several different TCM hospitals in Nanjing. He utilised holistic concepts of treatment and prevention, often combining TCM and Qigong together. He focused on chronic and difficult conditions, including cancer, experiencing good results in the support of his clients.

In 1988 Master Liu began his professional practice. As well as assisting various individuals to improve their health, this led to numerous committee memberships, the forming of Qigong associations, and an appointment as a Qigong energy healer in a local hospital (while consulting in others). He also continued to broaden and deepen his studies with various masters.

In 1990, after establishing a successful career practicing, teaching, researching and studying, Master Liu decided to move to Australia. In 1992 he established the Aust-China Qigong Academy, and spent the next 10 years treating patients, teaching students, and developing his Xing Ming Qigong system for beginners, advanced and master level students, and medical Qigong practitioners.

Qigong Instructors

Tracy Hickling is a traditional medicine practitioner and martial arts practitioner. She has studied under Master Liu for 15 years and is one of his most experienced and accomplished students.

Simon Murray is a Chinese Medicine practitioner and Tai Chi instructor. He has studied under Master Liu for 13 years and has trained up to Master level in the Xing Ming system.