Qigong Studies

Since its inception in 1992, the college has trained hundreds of Qigong students, including Master Level students, Instructors, and medical Qigong practitioners, and treated over 1000 clients, improving their health and lifestyle.

In recent times, there has been increased interest from western people in practicing Qigong not only for their health but also to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese philosophy. The interest extends beyond academic and theoretical areas and includes a desire to benefit from the fundamental essence of traditional Chinese culture on a deeper level.

Master Liu changed the college name in October 2008 to reflect this increased interest and the broader application of the college. The aim of this college is to try to introduce true traditional Chinese culture and philosophy to Australia.

This allows people the opportunity to train in and study the Jing siu (true treasures, very deep/pure). We are now not simply aiming to teach techniques but also to pass on an education that can broaden one’s attitude, perception and philosophy.

The comparison of western and eastern culture enables students to find the differences and advantages of each, and ultimately to choose the best of both worlds. At the same time, students can apply this knowledge to enhance any existing practice or general knowledge in Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, energy healing and martial arts, thus improving clinical skills, business, personal life, and ultimately benefiting clients and the general public.

The college provides training in the comprehensive Xing Ming qigong system, including beginners, advanced, master level Qigong training, and medical Qigong training.

Certificate in Advanced Qigong Studies Medical Qigong Training, Theory & Practice NOT CURRENTLY BEING OFFERED

For the first time in Australia, the Australian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong is offering a comprehensive training program for individuals interested in pursuing Qigong and associated disciplines as a career and / or for personal development.

As well as in-depth training in the primary forms of Master Liu’s Xing Ming Qigong system, students will learn various TCM healing methods, gain a solid grounding in Qigong and TCM theory, learn accurate diagnostic methods, and then apply the knowledge during supervised clinical practice in the College’s clinic.

Additionally, Master Liu will teach students business skills, giving them the best chance of successfully operating their own business, and in spreading the benefits of Qigong to the wider community.

This course is suitable for many kinds of people, but may be especially beneficial for experienced practitioners of other therapeutic disciplines, such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Kinesiologists, and Reiki and Alexander Technique practitioners. The course will supplement their existing training and improve their therapeutic skills.

Beginners in the field of Qigong will also benefit greatly from the Certificate in Advanced Qigong Studies. In addition to the technical knowledge and career possibilities, students can experience better health, an enhanced quality of life, improved coping skills, and a strong basis for spiritual growth.

Some individual components of the course can be studied separately with Master Liu. The course will run for two years. Applications are now being accepted for the 2013 intake of the Certificate in Advanced Qigong Studies. Please contact the college for further details.

The costs for the course will be as follows:
$11996 if paid per year (two payments of $5998)
$12596 if paid per semester (four payments of $3149)
$13196 if paid per term (eight payments of $1649.50)
Plus GST 10%

These rates constitute an 84% reduction on gaining the equivalent knowledge and skills in private training with Master Liu, and a 45% reduction on group Qigong training rates. Please note that the first instalment of the course fee is due before the start date in order to confirm your place.

The majority of the course (around 80%) will be taught Master Liu himself. This makes the course an unprecedented opportunity to study in-depth with an internationally renowned Qigong master, whose combination of clinical experience, theoretical understanding and high-level Qigong abilities make for a unique, profound and practical training experience.

Semester 1
Unit 1: Xing Ming Qigong – Intermediate
Unit 2: Fundamental Qigong Theory
Unit 3: Fundamental TCM Theory (Part 1)
Unit 4: Acupressure/Meridians (Part 1)

Semester 2
Unit 1: Xing Ming Qigong – Advanced (Part 1)
Unit 2: Fundamental TCM Theory (Part 2)
Unit 3: Tui Na Massage
Unit 4: Acupressure / Meridians (Part 2)
Including Cupping & Moxibustion
Unit 5: TCM Diagnosis

Semester 3
Unit 1: Xing Ming Qigong – Advanced (Part 2)
Unit 2: Introduction of “Huang Di Nei Jing”
Unit 3: Introduction of “Dao De Jing” (Part 1)
Unit 4: Brief Introduction of “Yi Jing”

Semester 4
Unit 1: Xing Ming Qigong – Advanced (Part 3)
Unit 2: Introduction of “Dao De Jing” (Part 2)
Unit 3: Four Season Special Diet for Health Preservation
Unit 4: Brief introduction of Feng Shui
Unit 5: Medical Qigong Theory and Basic Qigong Diagnosis
Unit 6: Clinic Practice

At this stage, the course is not Austudy-approved or nationally recognised, but this may change in the future. For the time being, this allows Master Liu to adjust the curriculum as the course progresses to better cater for students’ needs and skills.

Classes will run concurrent to the normal school terms. eg. most of December, all of January and some of February off, and 3 two-week breaks throughout the year. There will be two blocks of contact time each week.

Please note that the Certificate course is not currently being offered. This may change in the future, so please contact us if you are interested in participating