Self Healing Qigong

This method of Qi-gong practice is especially effective in facilitating the healing of a diverse range of health problems. It is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice, combining gentle yet dynamic body movements with visualization. Its action stimulates the internal organs, dredges and opens the channels, and promotes the circulation of vital energy and blood while dispersing pathogens. It is effective for acute and chronic conditions.

Some of the health conditions suited to this method include: Rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, generalized pain, gynaecological problems, depression, emotional stress, insomnia, digestive system disorders, hepatic system problems and cancer.

Qigong Dai

Qigong Dai is a specialized form of Qigong that combines a unique breathing method with simple movements and visualization. The practise of this exercise is very effective for increasing vitality, improving health, self-healing of chronic conditions and improving performance.

The practise of Qigong Dai increases and strengthens vitality and organ function internally, and also strengthens the muscles externally with benefits for flexibility, suppleness and posture. These holistic benefits of training help one to gain and develop a strong internal foundation.

This system is not at all similar to other methods of Qigong. It is dynamic, and the benefits of practise are felt quickly. Qigong Dai has a profound effect on strengthening and the consolidating the entire kidney system, which according to Qigong theory is the source of vitality in the human body.

Qigong Dai originated from the South Shaolin temple during the late Ming and early Qin dynasty’s. In the ancient texts Qigong Dai was described as a special breathing method that was known as ‘Nourishing Qigong’ and was treasured for its ability to restore vitality, strengthen the body and cure illness.

After it was revealed and later taught to the public by Grand Master Dai in 1984, Qigong Dai was researched by independent scientists in China using western medical methodology for two years. Results of this research showed that there were great health benefits gained through the practise of Qigong Dai. They found health improvements were especially significant for digestive system disorders, cardiovascular conditions, kidney function disorders and liver function.

Qigong Dai is suitable for all people to practise, but is also specialized for Martial artists and holistic health care practitioners. It is highly regarded for its ability to compress, increase, and strengthen vital energy, which is a pre-requisite for more advanced levels of training and practise.

Microcosmic Orbit

This is one of the most famous traditional Qigong techniques in China and the most important foundation technique of the Taoist Qigong system. It has over a thousand years of history. In ancient time this technique was mainly kept by masters for their own development and the gaining of a strong internal foundation, as well as for well-being and longevity. Now it is also practiced for self-healing on both physical and emotional levels, relaxation, stress management and the prevention of diseases.

This is passive Qigong (meditation) which circulates the inner circle of vital energy. It is suitable for most people to learn for a variety of purposes or conditions. During the course students learn special techniques of breathing, using the mind, and also how to reach a level where energy passes through the Ren and Du meridians, not just as visualisation.

There are six steps, and with each step students will progressively benefit in: heart, respiratory, digestive systems, sexual problems, energy level, immune system and the endocrine system. With daily practice students can usually open up the Ren and Du meridians in 100 days.

Taoist 5 Elements Meditation

This is a form of Qigong based on traditional Taoist and Chinese Medicine principles, in which the mind is used to activate and stimulate various aspect of the body’s energy system. It combines a seated posture, regulated breathing and visualisations, and most people will find it easy to practice.

Using the principles of “Jing, Qi, and Shen”, “Yin/Yang”, and “5 Elements”, Self Healing Qigong Meditation tonifies, nourishes and heals the body, as well as cleansing, purifying and strengthening its energies.

In addition to all the usual benefits of meditation (deep relaxation, calmness etc), this practice positively affects the internal organs, “washes” the body inside and out, and helps to build and refine internal energy. It can be used to help those with cancer and chronic conditions, and is very beneficial for problems involving pain caused by blockages and stagnation.

2021 schedule:

Two day workshops with Master Liu:
Self-Healing Qigong February 6th & 7th Saturday & Sunday (10am-4pm) $465
Microcosmic Orbit April 17th & 18th Saturday & Sunday (10am-4pm) $465
Taoist 5 Element Meditation June 19th & 20th Saturday & Sunday (10am-4pm) $465

8 week course with Master Liu:
Qigong Dai May 5th – June 23rd Wednesdays (7-8:30pm) $495

Discounts and refunds:
$25 off if paid in full two months before each course or workshop commencing date.

Refund policy: Our Qigong training focuses on high quality instruction in small classes and spaces are limited. Customer cancellation more than 2 weeks prior to commencement of course will result in 50% refund. Cancellation less than two weeks prior to commencement will result in no refund.